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Our new X-A220EVO monophonic power amplifier delivers 220W of power.

It is ideally combined with our X-P500 preamplifier to form a highly musical hi-fi system.

Our technical mastery combined with the most “audiophile” design of our circuits allows us to achieve high level performance at a competitive price.

Construction: The steel frames have an impeccable finish. The addition of methacrylate fronts improves their successful aesthetics, while providing an important ergonomic dimension, thanks to an imposing vu-meter. The interior layout is rational and compartmentalised. This judicious arrangement of the various sub-assemblies is accompanied by a choice of quality components, soldered on separate PCBs and partitioned by function.

The X-A220EVO owes its thickness to the height of the generously sized power transistor heatsink.

The X-A220EVO has a 700 VA toroidal transformer. After rectification, four 10,000 µF / 80 V capacitors smooth the DC current. An NE5532 op-amp is shown on the input board with a balanced/unbalanced switch. The power stages call for a triple push-pull of complementary NJW0281G / NJW0302G transistors, delivering up to 220 W / 8 ohms in class AB. The amplifier can operate in two modes accessible via a switch: when the High Bias function is engaged, the X-A220EVO operates in “class A” on the first watts then automatically slides into class AB.

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Output power 8Ω 1 x 220W RMS
Output power 4Ω 1 x 350W RMS
Bandwidth 10Hz – 80kHz
Distortion <0.08%
Signal to noise ratio > 100dB
Channel separation > 80dB
Imped. Asymmetric input 32KΩ
Imped. input Symmetrical 38KΩ
Mains voltage 115-230V
Standby consumption <0.5W
consumption max. 500W
Transformer power 700W
Transformer Toroidal
Height 200mm
Lenght 430mm
Depth 450mm
Net weight 21kg
Type of product power block
VU-Meter Yes
Βάρος 21 kg

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