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ADVANCE PARIS Smart Line BX1 White

ADVANCE PARIS Smart Line BX1 White


Compact power

The BX1 is a power amplifier that you can combine with our AX1, DX1 or PX1.

This amplifier with a power of 2x105W under 8 Ohms will be able to drive, by its versatility, its neutrality and its dynamics, the majority of the speakers on the market. You will appreciate its aesthetics and ergonomics thanks to its front in transparent methacrylate with a white or black background, which is matched only by the general design and the location of the various sub-assemblies in the cabinet.

Our BX1 has a cinch connector (unbalanced) or XLR (balanced) switchable by means of a small switch. The BX1 integrates the High Bias function, which allows the amplifier to deliver the first watts in a mode similar to class A. Beyond that, the amplifier will operate in class AB. The internal structure is based on compartments, ensuring mechanical rigidity and shielding of the various components, starting with the 480VA toroidal transformer. The current thus rectified passes through four capacitors of 6800uF under 63V. The power stages are provided by a whole battery of Toshiba transistors renowned for their audio quality. Listening is neutral and transparent, characterized by excellent power handling. The bass is structured and held without heaviness, the medium shows a particularly endearing attention to detail with a detailed restitution at the level of voices and complex timbres. The highs are not to be outdone with a lack of aggressiveness and great finesse.

The BX1 has a loudspeaker terminal allowing the connection of up to two pairs of loudspeakers.

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Output power 8Ω 2x105W
Output power 4Ω 2x150W
Frequency response 10Hz-50kHz
Distortion <0.03%
Signal to noise ratio > 98dB
Channel separation > 70dB
Imped. unbalanced input 20KΩ
Imped. balanced input 38KΩ
Mains voltage 115-230V
consumption max. <450W
Transformer 1
Colors Black White
Height 160mm
Lenght 230mm
Depth 309mm
Net weight 8.5kg
Gross weight 9.2kg
VU-Meter Yes
Βάρος 8.25 kg

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