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THORENS TD 124 DD 140th Anniversary

THORENS TD 124 DD 140th Anniversary


High End direct drive, a homage to the legendary TD 124 (1957 -1966)

What does a company with such a rich history give to itself and its fans for its 140th anniversary? Clearly, a turntable that one can still be proud of in 20, 30, or 50 years. We have provided the limited TD 124 DD 140th Anniversary with the best prerequisites for this.

2020: The TD 124 returns – as the TD 124 DD
As manufacturers, we are naturally not entirely neutral. However, if we consider the Thorens TD 124 to be one of the great iconic turntables in Hi-Fi history, thousands of music enthusiasts, fans, and professionals worldwide will agree with us. The 60s-era turntable is immortal not only because of its proverbial durability but also because of its sound, which still captivates as it did 60 years ago. Our reissue of this classic faced a significant challenge: combining the design language of the legendary predecessor with sound quality of timeless relevance and the advantages of modern design and manufacturing methods. We took our time. And in 2020, after years of development, we introduced the TD 124 DD, a completely new player dressed in the attire of its famous ancestor. It possesses the same musicality and future-proofness, along with a newly developed world-class tonearm, the TP 124.

TD 124 DD 140th Anniversary: Valuable Upgrades for the Jubilee
The worldwide success of our TD 124 DD did not prevent us from continuing to research, listen, and experiment with this already highly perfected player. In the process, we have discovered some truly effective upgrades that are now incorporated into our anniversary player, the TD 124 DD 140th Anniversary. One visible upgrade at first glance is the new two-layer platter, which connects the already heavy aluminum platter of the 124 DD with a five-millimeter-thick layer of solid copper. The sonic success of this measure is not solely due to the increased mass but also the interaction of two different materials whose resonances cancel each other out. Concerns about the platter bearing are unfounded as we had already generously over-dimensioned it for the TD 124 DD, as well as the drive, which could handle even larger loads in motion.

Less obvious than the sandwich platter but equally rewarding is the new wiring of the TP 124 tonearm. In the Anniversary version, high-purity silver wire connects the cartridge to the outputs. We believe that the new wiring particularly makes a positive impact with low-output moving coil (MC) cartridges. This system family also includes the third exclusive upgrade of the Anniversary: a special version of our SPU 124, produced by the Danish manufacturer Ortofon with coils made of pure silver. We even convinced Ortofon to manufacture the classic cartridge housing from the old material, Bakelite, instead of the newer fiber-resin composite. Those who are eager to add one to their SPU collection must be disappointed: This limited-edition world-class MC cartridge is only available as a package with the TD 124 DD 140th Anniversary.

Arm and Drive in Proven Reference-Class Quality
The powerful direct drive of the TD 124 DD is also utilized in the Anniversary model. It guarantees long-term perfect and quiet operation with complete maintenance-free performance. And it provides that special dynamic grip reminiscent of the firm friction wheel sound of the 60-year-old original model but enriched with new and elegant facets. Apart from the silver wiring, the TP 124 tonearm is the same as the 2020 model. Its torsion-resistant arm tube, slightly higher effective mass, outstanding bearing quality, and the SME headshell coupling make it a competent guide for the finest MC systems.

The eye also celebrates: The Anniversary Finish
To match the occasion, we have selected a timeless and beautiful real wood veneer that visually transforms the TD 124 DD 140th Anniversary into a precious rarity. For a harmonious overall impression, we have enhanced not only the plinth but also the armboard with high-gloss lacquered and hand-polished wood. We naturally remain faithful to the classic, unobtrusive, and relatively compact proportions of the turntable. This creates an analog gem that combines refined design and uncompromising quality with rare consistency.


  • High Precision Direct Drive Motor
  • Electrical Lift
  • TP124 Tonearm
  • Removable Headshell (SME connector)
  • Prepared for SPU Cartridge
  • Balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) outputs
  • External power supply
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Drive system direct drive
Mains 115 V / 230 V (AC)
Mains frequency 60 / 50 Hz
Power consumption 5 W
External power supply TPN 124
RPM 33,3 , 45 U / min
Wow & Flutter DIN / WRMS ≤ 0,04 %
Platter aluminum 3,5 kg
Tonearm TP 124
Effective length 232,8 mm
Offset angle 23,66°
Overhang 17,8 mm
Effective mass 15 g
Anti Skating with a ruby-mounted counterweight
Cartridge optional Thorens – Ortofon SPU 124
Outputs RCA / balanced XLR
Dimensions 425 x 350 x 185 mm (W x H x D)
Weight without power supply 17 Kg
Scope of delivery external power supply, 2 tonearm counterweights, tool to adjust the tonearm, instruction manual
Flightcase optional
EAN Code 4260623590524


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