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SUPRA USB 2.0 Type A-B 0.7m

SUPRA USB 2.0 Type A-B 0.7m


Καλώδιο USB 2.0 Type A σε Type B. 2 ζεύγη αγωγών επικασσιτερωμένου
χαλκού OFC, καθαρότητος 5Ν, με ιδιαίτερο foil & γείωση το κάθε ένα χωριστά. Στιβαροί πρεσσαριστοί ακροδέκτες.

Features & benefits

  • Long cable approval – provides for long distances between devices without signal degradation
  • Correct data transfer – Excellent sound and rapidly working data peripherals without drop-outs
  • Perfect shielding and twinning – minimum signal degradation, a condition for the above
  • Robust type A and type B connectors – reliable, long service life also with frequent connections
  • Made in Sweden! – Modern research, production and quality



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Mechanical Specifications

Standard USB 2.0 Hi-Speed
Connectors USB A male ► USB B male
Signal Direction Bi-directional
Application Examples Computer peripherals, DAC’s
Data transfer rate 480 Mbit/s
Solder Tin Almit SR-34 Super
Cable strain relief Molded connector housing


Electrical properties

Number of pairs 2 pieces
Lead area 0.24 / 23 mm/ AWG
Number of strands 19 pieces
Strand dimension Ø 0.127 mm
Lead material Tin plated oxygen-free 5N copper
Insulation Low capacitance PE
Shielding Aluminized PET foil
Jacket Heat and age resistant PVC
Flame retardant No
External dimension Ø 7.5 mm

Electrical performance

Data transfer rate 480 Mbit / s
Resistance 72 Ohm / km
Capacitance 52 pF / m
Impedance 90 Ohm
Velocity factor 0.66x C (speed of light)


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