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SUPRA DUAL (τιμή ανά μέτρο)

SUPRA DUAL (τιμή ανά μέτρο)


Στερεοφωνικό καλώδιο interconnect analogue semi – balanced. 2 τριάδες
αγωγών επικασσιτερωμένου χαλκού OFC (2 ζεύγη & 2 drain wires), 2x(3x19x0.127), καθαρότητος 5Ν, με ξεχωριστό φύλλο αλουμινίου ανά τριάδα. Εξωτερική διάσταση 2xØ5.5mm.

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Supra Dual – Our most cost effective, yet rewarded analogue interconnect featuring Supra’s signature design principles
An entry level two channel (stereo) interconnect cable for balanced or single-end applications, still providing the Supra signature properties of lower capacitance, efficient shielding, timing and transient response. In spite of its highly favourable price tag, it has earned rewards for the good musical properties and is the given choice for replacing the attached interconnects following entry level hi-fi equipment. It will result in a significant sound improvement clearly audible by anyone.

Cunductors (x4): Tin plated Cu-wire OFC 5N 19×0.127 mm
Cross section Area: 2x2x0,24mm2 / AWG 23
Insulation: Pair 1: PE red & blue / Pair 2: PE red & black. Twisted conductors
Screen: Alu/PET foil
Screen coverage: 100%
Screen connection: 2 x tin plated drain-wires 19×0.127mm
Pairs 2 twisted pairs, PE insulated conductors in 3 colours for easy identification
Jacket: PVC GA78, round
Jacket wall thickness: 2 mm
Diameter: 2x 5.5mm
Colour: Iceblue (other colours upon order)
Marking: SUPRA DUAL > Made in Sweden > Meter mark
Weight: 70 kg/km
Packing: Bobbin 100m (other lengths upon order)
Suitable plugs: Supra RCA-6, RCA-6SC & Swift XLR

Resistance: 72 ohm/km
Capacitance: 52 pF/m
Characteristic impedance: 90 Ohm
Velocity factor: 0,66x C (speed of light)

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