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The charm of timeless vinyl playback deepens thanks to our LUXMAN PD-151 MARKII, A new standard in the pursuit of functional beauty.

The PD-151 was developed for the music listener to fully enjoy the luxurious audio experience unique to analog, with vinyl phonograph records continuing popularity as an attractive music playback medium. Inheriting that model’s excellent performance and functional beauty while featuring a new, highly sensitive original specification tonearm, is our highly anticipated new model. The PD-151 MARKII has arrived as a new benchmark for belt-drive integrated analog players. We deliver genuine analog vinyl playback excellence, inviting the listener into a world different from digital audio.

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Turntable Platter
Drive system Belt drive system
Motor Brushless DC motor with PID control
Material Machined aluminum, Surface finish: Diamond cut
Revolution 33 1/3rpm, 45rpm, 78rpm (3 speeds selectable)
Revolution adjustment range ±6% (each rotation speed adjustable independently)
Wow and flutter 0.04% or less (W.R.M.S.)
Weight 4.0kg (Platter)
Tone arm section
Type Static balanced, S shaped, universal type
Bearing Concealed knife edge
Effective length 222.5mm
Overhang 18mm
Tracking error angle ±3° or less
Applicable cartridge weight 4 to 10g (including headshell 17 to 23g)
Adjustable height range 15mm
Anti-skating 0 to 4g
Main unit
Power source 230V~50Hz / 115V~60Hz
Power consumption 6W
Dimensions 465(W) × 133(to the upper surface of the platter) (H)× 393(D) mm
Net weight 15.8kg (main unit), 17.2kg (with dust cover)
Accessories Platter, Headshell, Rubber mat Rubber belt,
Platter mount handle (2 pieces) EP adaptor, Counterweight
Arm adjustment hex wrench set (2 types)
Flathead screwdriver for rotation speed adjustment
phono cable (DIN→RCA : already installed in the unit), Power cable

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