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ELAC Vela BS404 Walnut High Gloss (pair)

ELAC Vela BS404 Walnut High Gloss (pair)


Compact speaker with 180mm bass/midrange driver

What pleases the eye also pleases the acoustics. The new VELA BS 404 is a compact speaker that combines all elements of the extremely successful VELA series: great technology and exceptional design.

The design of the loudspeaker is unique: Elaborately manufactured housings, trapezoidal and slightly inclined towards the back, high-quality painted or veneered, meet the material aluminum.

The slight inclination of the housing and the new waveguide of the JET 5 tweeter promote precise imaging in rooms with modern furnishings. Details such as the van den Hul internal cabling ensure the best sound reproduction, and bi-wiring terminals also allow for upgrades on the cable or amplifier side.

Optimized speaker chassis reproduce high-energy transients even better. The 12 liter housing contains the bass/midrange drivers of the largest floorstanding loudspeaker in the VELA series, the VELA FS 409. A concept that is perfect for larger rooms with little space for speakers and therefore presents the bass reproduction in an absolutely “grown-up” way.

The VELA BS 404 completes the line-up of the VELA series as a wonderfully large but compact speaker.

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Product Specifications

  • chassis 1x JET 5 tweeter, 1x 180 mm bass-midrange driver, AS-XR cone
  • principle 2-way, bass reflex
  • Impedance (Ohm) Nominal 4 ohms, minimum 3.2 ohms at 240 Hz
  • Sensitivity (dB) 87 dB at 2.83 V/m
  • Frequency response 38 – 50,000 Hz
  • Transition frequencies 2400Hz
  • Continuous load capacity (watts) Rated 70 W, music load capacity 100 W
  • Recommended amplifier power (watts) 40 – 200 W/channel (4 – 8 ohms)
  • Performance 80W rated power
  • scope of delivery 1 piece ELAC Vela BS 404, bi-wiring set
  • Accessories (optional) Cover grille
  • Explanations Black high-gloss lacquer, white high-gloss lacquer, high-gloss walnut lacquer
  • Height 41.20cm
  • Width 27.60cm
  • depth 33.20cm
  • Weight 9.70kg

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