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The Power-XR is the latest stereo power amplifier from Cyrus. With ground-up engineering inside, the wideband high current power amplifier is capable of driving even the most challenging of loudspeakers with relative ease. There’s no
shortage of innovation and upgrades under the skin.
XR series products are the manifestation of over a decade’s accumulated technology and development knowledge. With particular attention to the detail of every component that lays in the audio path, XR takes Cyrus audio performance to
another level.

Unbalanced inputs (with daisy-chain out)
Balanced inputs
12V trigger input
MC-BUS connection (control integration with Cyrus system)
PSU-XR upgrade connection
Firmware upgrade port
Power Amplifier
The wideband power amplifier of the Power-XR responds from
D.C. to beyond 100kHz ensuring ruler flat frequency response and
keeping any undesirable phase shifts out of the audio band. With
a generous, over-specified power supply the Power-XR power
amplifier is very capable of reproducing the scale and drama of the
musical performance.
High capacity power supply
The power supply includes a massive 408VA toroidal power
transformer delivering power to a high capacity power supply

PSU-XR port
The Power-XR includes a port for the new PSU-XR power supply.
Thirty years ago Cyrus broke new ground with the introduction
of the PSX-R, the first ever regulated power supply upgrade that
automatically adapted to match perfectly the power requirements
of any connected product. The PSU-XR raises the bar by sourcing
no less than five independent regulated supplies in a single box. For
the Power-XR a pair of these are assigned to provide ultra-smooth
power for the voltage amplifier, and a second pair to provide a
huge dynamic boost for the power amplifier.
LED settings tracking
The LED colour and brightness will automatically set to match the
colour and brightness settings via MC-BUS from the master XR
product in the system.
Low power standby consumption
The Power-XR can be remotely switched to and from a low
consumption standby mode via MC-BUS or using the 12V trigger


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Power output 2 x 144W (161W with PSU-XR) into 4 Ω
Power output 2 x 110W (121W with PSU-XR) into 6 Ω
Power output 2 x 87W (95W with PSU-XR) into 8 Ω
THD+N (1kHz, 2/3 power) <0.002% 6 Ω
Input sensitivity (110W/6Ω) 450mV RCA / 900mV XLR
Input impedance 28kΩ
Frequency response (-3dB) <0.5Hz, > 100kHz
S/N ratio (unwtd) >100dB
Size (H x W x D) 75 x 215 x 355 mm (2.95” x 8.46” x 13.98”)
Weight 7.3kg (16lbs)
EAN 230V version 5060020434624

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