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In 2018 Cayin has developed its 25th Anniversary model A-845PRO which got great welcome and feedback from the market from its extreme excellent sound performance to its elegant cosmetic design.

With the sucess of the model we have been thinking to expand the range and have a new reference line of products for Cayin.

Thanks to Tungsol and Mike from New Sensor because they just annouced KT70 new flagship tube which give us a chance to realize our thoughts.

That is how Soul 170I starts.

Soul 170I is designed on basis of Tungsol KT170 Power Tube. It outputs 130 watts Power in Ultralinear Mode or 75 wats power in Triode Mode per channel.

Designed in Class AB Push-Pull Soul 170I takes two pieces of powerfull KT170 tube per channel.

All tube Integrated with 22DE4 Tube Rectifier for Power supply, ECC83S voltage amplification stage, 6SN7 driver stage and KT170 output tubes.

Following the design concept of Cayin Soul 170I offers two operation modes: Triode and Ultralinear.

As you can see from above for these two different modes the output power are different.

However it is not more than that. Change the output mode you will get a different sound signature instantly.

Triode Mode is Tendering, Rich in Harmony, Smooth and Soft. Ideal for Vocal and Instrumental Music.

Ultralinear Mode has power and extension. Clean with energy. Ideal for music has punch and dynamic and at such mode it offers excellent control ability.

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Power Output:                                   TR 75W+75W (Triode Mode) UL 130W+130W (Ultralinear Mode)

Frequency Response:                        5Hz~50kHz (-3dB)

THD:                                                  0.2% (1kHz)

S/N Ratio:                                          97dB

Input Sensitivity:                                420mV (Integrated) 1300mV (Pre-IN)

Input Impedance:                              100kΩ

Output Impedance:                            4Ω,8Ω

Max Power Consumption:                  680W

Tube:                                                   22DE4*1, ECC83S*2, 6SN7*2, KT170*4

W×D×H:                                             430×448×238mm³

Net Weight:                                        38.7kg

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