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The ZENEO ZX is the culmination of a project we launched almost two years ago: to offer a truly wireless hi-fi quality system that combines audiophile performance, ergonomics and versatility, both for analog and dematerialized sources. Achieving this goal took us longer than expected because we wanted to integrate the best electronic and acoustic solutions available today.

Heart of the system : The class AB amplification

The ZENEO ZX system has four fully independent amplifiers to power each driver. The advantage of multi-amplification is that it allows customization for each type of speaker. The woofers will be powered by 70W RMS / 150W impulse class AB amplifiers and the tweeters by 20W RMS / 40W impulse class AB amplifiers. Class AB is a combination of class A and class B which makes it exceptionally musical, it is the most used amplification class in hi-fi amplifiers for demanding audiophiles. On the other hand, this type of amplifier requires a quality power supply and heat sinks, which makes it a rather expensive solution but unbeatable in terms of sound quality.

100% digital speakers communication

The entire audio signal of the master speaker is transmitted to the slave speaker through a 32-bit Tri-core processor. Synchronization between the speakers is perfect thanks to the computing power of the processor.

DSP filtering

Its signal processing is comparable to that of high-end studio equipment. Most processing is done in full 56-bit, double-precision mode, which provides very good low-level of the signal performance. No low pass filter on the woofer but several filters cascading plugs providing linear phase filtering.


The ZENEO ZX system is equipped with two analog inputs: AUX1 configurable in PHONO and AUX2 / Streamer mode, two DIGITAL INPUTS: optical and coaxial as well as a USB B input allowing the connection of a PC or MAC computer. The digital analog decoding is entrusted to a 24-bit / 192kHz WOLFSON DAC recognized for its musicality and decoding performance.


The ZENEO ZX system is technically accomplished and offers high-level electronics, both in terms of amplification and signal processing, but what about acoustic ? We were guided by the same requirements for the design of the cabinet, the speakers and filtering. The enclosures are manufactured in medium because of its rigidity and precision of manufacture. Partitions and reinforcements prevent any vibration or interference. The internal volume of the speaker has been calculated for optimum association with the drivers. The characteristics of the port allow a perfect match with drivers and enclosure volume. The woofers are equipped with a treated paper cone with a stiffening surfacing to achieve a neutral and lively sound. The pure copper voice coils are wired on a capton support. To avoid any aggressiveness and improve smoothness, the tweeters have impregnated fabric cone and the voice coils are cooled in ferrofluid.


We are evolving in an environment where dematerialized music, stored in various mobile devices (Computers, Tablets, Smartphones and other music players), takes an increasingly important place in our daily lives. Network music is not left out with quality services like Spotify, Qobuz, Deezer, Amazon Music, Tidal or TuneIn offering more than 100,000 radio stations. We offer two versions of the ZENEO ZX, a Bluetooth aptX HD version or a more complete version incorporating in addition a WiFi network player allowing access to additional functions such as playback from a NAS (external hard drive in a network) and multiroom. It should be noted that the WiFi version integrates second 24-bit / 192kHz converter.

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  • System: 2 Ways
  • Drivers:  Woofer/Med. 13cm Rubber & paper, Tweeter 2,5cm dome
  • Amplifiers: 4 amplifiers
  • Freq. of response: 30Hz-22kHz
  • DAC: Wolfson 24-bits/192kHz
  • Bluetooth solution: aptX HD
  • Dimensions: H30,5 x D26 x L18cm
  • Weight: 16,8 Net / 17,6 Gross
Βάρος 16.8 kg

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