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After the success of the A10 Classic , Advance Paris offers a more powerful version, equipped with more connectors and a double mono construction for the amplification part.

In Advance Paris’s great tradition of designing products with numerous connectors, the A12 Classic is no exception to the rule… From HDMI to Phono (MM/MC), analog RCA to AES-EBU, from USB for computer to multiple optical and coaxial inputs, 2 speaker zones, Bluetooth (optional with X-FTB01 / X-FTB02 ).

The selected source is pre-amplified by a circuit comprising tubes for a musicality devoid of aggressiveness.

Great power and sound quality start with good power. The A12 Classic will control any loudspeaker thanks to its 2 toroidal transformers located on each side of the product. With 180W per channel in Class A/B, you can choose any loudspeaker, from bookshelf to tall tower.

Even the outputs are well treated with Pre-OUT in balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) connectors. And do not hesitate to connect 2 subwoofers if you wish thanks to its two outputs for subwoofers.

A real concentration of technology that does not forget the music!

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Output power 8Ω 2 x 190W RMS
Output power 4Ω 2 x 280W RMS
Bandwidth (-3dB) 10Hz-35kHz
Distortion Inf. At 0.007%
Signal to noise ratio 103dB
Channel separation > 75dB
Mains voltage 115-230V
consumption max. 600W
Standby consumption Inf. At 0.5W
Transformer 2, Toroidal
Phono input MC (Moving Coil), MM (Moving Magnet)
Record output 1
Amp-Preamp Disconnectable
DAC PCM 1796
Optical input 3
Coaxial Input 3
USB-A input 1
USB-B input 1
Bluetooth module X-FTB01 (Optional), X-FTB02 (Optional)
Output Pair of speakers 2
Settings Treble, Balance, Bypass, Hi Bias Switch, Bass, Volume
Tone +/- 10dB
VU-Meter Yes
tubing Yes
Lenght 430mm
Height 195mm
Depth 455mm
Gross weight 19.9kg
Net weight 17.9kg
RCA Analog Input 5
XLR analog input 2

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